Affiliated to the Ramblers, the Open Spaces Society, Notts Wildlife Trust and HF Holidays

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Formed way back in 1933 at a public meeting at Nottingham University College, Shakespeare Street, the Society was first called 'The Nottinghamshire Footpaths Association'. Adopting its present title in 1937, the Society soon embarked on a plan for recording details of the rights of way shown on the six-inch Ordnance Survey maps. This work quickly brought to light the neglect of our local footpaths, so regular rambles were organised to clear obstructions and make little-used paths more widely known.Walks through the
              Nottinghamshire countryside

Today the Society, with a membership now of about 125, is still engaged in monitoring the County's much improved footpath system, along with our friends in the Ramblers. We are constantly in touch with the County Council, working to keep our network open and up to date for those who love walking.

Our main activity now however is taking part in a programme of medium-length walks, mainly around Nottinghamshire, on every other Tuesday throughout the year. During the summer months we do some additional shorter walks, also on Tuesdays.

They are very popular, with as many as a quarter of our total membership out enjoying up to eight miles of delightful countryside and conversation. All our walks start at 10.30 am prompt (unless otherwise stated), finishing normally around 2.30 pm. We have been known to stop at a pub for lunch, but usually take food and drink with us. Have a virtual hike around our website - it's a well-marked trail. Should you like to join us on one of our walks, simply turn up about 10.15 at the appointed start, with boots, appropriate clothing, food and drink. If you prefer to contact the walk leader first for further details, a telephone number is available. You will be very welcome indeed to join us. After two or three walks, someone may sidle up and put a membership application form into your hand, If you can't wait that long, go to 'INFORMATION' and click on 'Membership'.  You can then download an application form (in Word or as a PDF) to print off and send with a cheque to our Treasurer. Our current membership fees are on the form.

Don't worry - you can't go wrong. It's only 5.00 (yes, 5.00!) per year, or 7.00 per couple.